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For Massachusetts Businesses

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For Companies Considering Switching to Employee Ownership

Employee ownership unlocks countless opportunities that can take your business to the next level – encouraging your team’s best work, earning a reward for your life’s work when you retire, and setting your business up to thrive for generations to come. 

For Massachusetts business owners considering employee ownership, MassCEO provides free succession planning services, valued at over $10,000 in the private sector. Our professional advisors can help you:

Identify and assess your transition options,
including employee ownership.

Learn what your business is worth,
and how to get the financial return you need
from the sale of your business.

Determine financial and operational feasibility of employee ownership for your business

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A staggering 90% of businesses never sell.  With employee ownership, owners can avoid this painful outcome and be rewarded for their life’s work.  Employee ownership provides:

A ready buyer

A flexible timeline and sale terms

A fair market price

Financial and tax benefits

Ability to reward employees

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If you choose to make the transition to employee ownership after our assessment, we can help you:

Connect with technical assistance providers and mission-based lenders to support your transition to employee ownership. 

Determine the right mix of financing and access to loans to enable employees to purchase the business, without risking their personal assets. 

Structure the sale of all or part of your business in partnership with your company’s stakeholders, accountants, and attorneys.

Increase employee engagement at your business with training and support for managers and key staff before, during, and after the transition.

“Working with MassCEO was one of the best consulting experiences we’ve had in 30 years. A very sharp team to work with. They deliver clarity & insight to business owners who are open to transitioning ownership to the employees who do so much to make a business great. They are the real deal.” 

— Susan and John Lawrence, Owners of Peppers Artful Events, Northborough, MA

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For Existing Employee-Owned Companies:

MassCEO and our network of partners provide education, training, and consulting services to grow your business.

Workforce Training and Education: 

MassCEO provides the following trainings to help strengthen employee leadership and engagement at your business:

  • Worker Cooperatives 101: For newly converted companies and groups of new worker-owners in existing firms, we’ll dig into what ownership at your company means. How does someone become a worker-owner? What are the rights, duties, and responsibilities of ownership? What benefits do worker-owners receive? What happens when a worker-owner wants to leave the company?
  • Governance 101: For newly converted companies and groups of new worker-owners in existing firms, we’ll cover co-op governance and the decision-making responsibilities of management, members, and the board of directors.
  • Financial Statements 101: For newly converted companies and groups of new worker-owners in existing firms, we’ll explain the key financial statements for a business. We’ll look at business performance over time, highlighting key trends and patterns. We’ll also help people understand how their roles relate to business profitability and metrics they can focus on to measure success.

Areas of Consulting:

MassCEO provides technical assistance to employee-owned businesses to help them achieve stability and growth. We offer specific assistance with: 

  • Entity Selection & Structure: MassCEO works with the organization’s attorney and accountant to put in place the best entity and structure consistent with the organization’s goals at the creation of the cooperative or at some later time period where the cooperative believes a different structure would better serve its needs.
  • Cooperative Bylaws: MassCEO works with the cooperative to ensure the co-op’s governing documents work for the co-ops goals and needs.
  • Professional Services Needs Assessment & Recommendations: MassCEO provides referrals to Legal, Accounting, Marketing, HR service providers.
  • Access to Capital: MassCEO assists employee-owned firms in identifying and applying for financing for business operations, expansion, and other appropriate purposes. 

MassCEO offers affordable consulting services and training curriculum to employee-owned businesses. Don’t see exactly what you need on this list? No problem, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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Support our work to grow and sustain a strong network of employee-owned businesses in the Commonwealth.

MassCEO is administered by the ICA Group, a leading expert on worker ownership and the oldest national organization dedicated to the development of employee-owned companies.

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